About Us

Our History

Eli's started as a passion turned business for the late, great Pastor Eli Holman. Founded in the mid 1970's in the blue collar city of Warren, Ohio, Eli's Famous Bar-B-Que quickly became a town favorite-- delivering hearty, delicious food. Eli's not only provides amazing food, but has a fifty year old BBQ sauce recipe that continues to draw crowds. It is our goal to continue Eli's rich and lengthy tradition of delivering high quality food and BBQ sauce for our friends and family locally and nationally.

Check out our interview with the Homeplate featuring Eli's wife, Thelma Holman, who continued her husband's passion for future generations to enjoy!

Providing excellent BBQ food and sauce for nearly fifty years!

Eli's Condiments, Inc.
1201 Belmont Ave, Youngstown, OH 44504
(330) 369-5457